Karava supports the sustainable use of wood

FSC®️-certified since 2015

When we use wood, we assume responsibility for forest management and maintaining biodiversity. The FSC® (FSC-C123987) certification, held by Karava since 2015, signifies that we contribute to the sustainable use of the world’s forest resources and support the rights of indigenous peoples. Look for our FSC®-certified products

Read more about the certification here: https://fi.fsc.org/fi-fi

PEFC-certified since October 2020

Forests play a pivotal role in mitigating climate change, and they are also the natural habitat of thousands of plant and animal species. PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) is an international system of forest certification that promotes environmentally, socially and economically sustainable forestry all over the world. The acronym PEFC signifies that the wood used in various products is supplied from sustainably managed forests.

Read more about the certification here: https://pefc.fi/

Choose thermally modified wood with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Karava Thermo-D products manufactured from ecolabeled pine and spruce are an easy way to make a sustainable choice. Thermally modified wood is an excellent material for terraces and saunas, for example—and as the name suggests, it is only treated with heat and steam.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is meant to steer consumers towards more sustainable and eco-friendly choices. It is an official ecolabel based on criteria that cover the product’s entire lifecycle, from raw material to recycling.


Energy from wood processing waste

We honor our raw materials and make sure not to waste valuable wood. We minimize leftover bits through good planning and design, but sawdust is still inevitably generated in wood processing. However, even that is not wasted at Karava. All the machines used in our production are connected to a sawdust collection system that transports the sawdust first to silos and finally to a hydraulic press. There, the sawdust is compacted into fist-size briquettes which are collected on pallets for transport.

No chemicals are used in the process. The dry briquettes are held together by the binders naturally occurring in wood, primarily lignin. Every week, a few trucks full of briquettes depart Karava’s workshop for power plants in the surrounding region. At their destination, the briquettes are used to produce clean bioenergy, often as an auxiliary fuel alongside wood chips.


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