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If you want your sauna to reflect your personal style, choose a Karava Sauna. We are dedicated to offering individual solutions. Our sauna panels and benches, for example, are manufactured by hand using our own high-quality materials.

Our products are made using various kinds of wood in their natural forms or in the form of processed, thermally modified wood. We are also FSC® (C123987)-certified. The certification signifies that we contribute to the sustainable use of the world’s forest resources.

Are you looking for a complete sauna package or maybe only wall panels or benches for your sauna? We will provide you with exactly what you need. In addition to our standard product range, you can also order products customized to your wishes and dimensions. We can even help you design your products or sauna package at your request.

  • Individual solutions
  • Finnish handwork
  • High-quality materials
  • Comprehensive range of products
  • Fast delivery
  • Competitive prices

Sauna packages

If you are building a new sauna or completely remodeling your current one, you can turn to us for a complete package. We can combine your sauna panels and benches into one package, which guarantees that they fit together seamlessly to create an impressive result.

At your request, we can also provide the stove and lighting for your sauna. The lighting solution can consist of elements such as Cariitti LED and fiber optic lights, which help to create a pleasant atmosphere in the sauna.

How do you see your finished sauna? You can use our user-friendly 3D design application to draw inspiration and make a complete draft of the sauna you want for yourself. We are also available to help you with ideas and the design process.

You can tell us your wishes by requesting a quote. It is not even necessary to complete all the fields on the form: we will get back to you, and we can go over all the different aspects together.

Sauna benches

The benches make the sauna. The key is to find the solution that meets your personal needs. Our sauna benches are available for purchase by the meter, but they can also be manufactured in accordance with your specific dimensions. Furthermore, we are happy to work with you to produce special bench profiles according to your own designs. We can even help you with the design process.

Our standard range includes benches in two sizes: 28×120 and 28×140 cm. Our sauna benches stand out from the crowd because of their width, but also because of their unusual style: instead of the conventional crosswise configuration, our benches are installed lengthwise in the sauna. We offer a broad selection of different types of wood, as well as bench models and profiles. The benches can also be colored according to your wishes to give them a more personalized look. Our benches are colored using Tikkurila Supi Sauna Wax.

Sauna panels

Use Karava sauna panels to create the desired style and atmosphere in your sauna. In addition to our standard range, we can also manufacture special profiles tailored to your wishes. We can even help you design the profile, if necessary. The sauna panels can also be colored to give them a more personalized look. Our panels are colored using Tikkurila Supi Sauna Wax.

Our standard range of sauna panels includes the following panel profiles: Kallio, Kallio Groove, STP and finger panel. The dimensions most commonly used in our panels are 15×70, 15×90 and 15×120. Wider sauna panels in sizes such as 15×140 and 17×190 are available, as well. You can choose the length for yourself, as we have several different options in stock. All our interior cladding panels are CE-marked.

You can tell us your wishes by requesting a quote. It is not even necessary to complete all the fields on the form: we will get back to you, and we can go over all the different aspects together.

Design a sauna

Would you like to design a sauna on your own or with our help? If you want to create your own design, we recommend using our 3D design application. If you need more support with developing ideas and designing the sauna, we will be happy to assist you over the phone, by e-mail or in person at our showroom in Pirkkala. At the showroom, you can see our products live and get the feel of the different bench options.

At your request, we can also design a sauna for you in exact detail. Please contact our Sauna design service to learn more about this option.

3D planning application

The application is meant to inspire you and help you create the sauna of your dreams.


Explore your options using the 3D app

Delivery and installation

We deliver products anywhere in Finland and can also deliver abroad, if necessary. Our turn-key installation service is available in Southern Finland. Contact us to find out more.

The necessary installation instructions and technical drawings are always included in the delivery. This allows you to make use of our expertise even if you are performing the installation yourself or using a third-party contractor. Maintenance instructions are always included in the purchase, as well.

Sauna installation instructions


Whether you are building a new sauna or renovating an old one, you should always invest in careful work and high-quality materials. This improves the durability of the products and ensures a longer service life.

Cover all surrounding surfaces with suitable materials: for instance, use hardboard or packing board to protect tile floors.

Particular attention should be paid to occupational safety and accident prevention. All HVAC and electricity work must be carried out by a professional. Any unshielded electric wires must be shielded and de-energized. The locations of any underlying electric wires, water pipes and ventilation ducts should be marked in the structures. This will help to minimize the risk of hitting them with fastenings, such as nails and screws, during the building phase.

The necessary tools must be suitable for the purpose. When building a sauna, you should not customize your tools in any way. All tools should be available for purchase at a hardware store or for rent at an equipment rental service.

Framing and setting up the space

After the initial preparations, you should start the work by inspecting the framework around the sauna. Inspect the framework for any moisture damage and cracks and verify that the insulation is tight. Any damaged parts must be replaced or fixed. Use a spirit level to check that the framework is level. If the framework is significantly slanted, it needs to be straightened. Slight deviations can be corrected later, during the installation of the nailing strip.

Install the necessary ventilation ducts and electrical wiring between the frame structures. After the framing is complete, install the vapor barrier. The vapor barrier can consist of aluminum paper or aluminum-coated insulant, depending on the method of construction. All seams and lead-ins must be carefully sealed with aluminum foil tape.

Next, install the nailing strip, which will also function as a ventilation strip. It is good to choose strip material that has been planed to the right dimensions, such as 22×48. Check that the strips are level and straighten them with wedges, if necessary. This helps to prevent uneven finished surfaces later on.

Benches, stove & lighting

The wall supports for the benches and stove must be installed before starting the paneling. Use a suitable material for the wall supports, such as 21 mm softwood plywood. Saw the plywood into 150 mm wide battens and attach them between the nailing strips. When attaching the plywood, make sure that it will not hinder the circulation of air between the vapor barrier and the panel.

The top edge of the plywood used for supporting the benches is installed at the same height as the top surface of the benches. Typically, the following dimensions are used: top bench h=1,100 and bottom bench h=700 measured from the surface of the finished floor. Please note that the dimensions of your own sauna may be different altogether. Always check the plans for the correct dimensions. The wall support for the stove should be installed according to the stove manufacturer’s instructions.

Nowadays, saunas are often equipped with fiber optic lighting. The fibers are drawn to the desired installation points between the nailing strips. Do not install the fibers under the strips, as they may be damaged by the nailing process, for example. Other technical elements, such as the power cord of the stove thermostat, can also be drawn in place between the nailing strips before the paneling work is started.


Start preparing for the paneling work by cleaning the floor surfaces. This ensures that there is no debris or litter on the floor. Any foreign matter left on the floor may damage the finished floor when trestles are used.

Use careful consideration to choose the method of attaching the panels before beginning the work. Face nailing provides strong attachment, but the nails need to be lined up carefully to achieve a neat result. Blind nailing, on the other hand, is an easy way to achieve a neat finish. However, especially when using wide panels, you must always ensure that the attachment is secure enough, as fluctuations in the moisture levels will cause the wood to move, which may result in the panels coming loose.

Start the paneling from the ceiling. Begin by measuring the run of the ceiling (i.e. the width of the area to be paneled). Then, narrow the first panel down to the same width as the last panel. This allows you to avoid a situation where the first panel in the ceiling is at the full width and the last one only a narrow strip.

Cut the first panel on the side of the tongue so that the groove is left facing you. Leave a gap of at least 5 mm between the fist ceiling panel and the nailing strip on the wall. This allows the ceiling panels to expand and contract freely as the moisture level fluctuates. Check the run as the work progresses to ensure that the paneling is even and the panels are not wedging into each other. If the dimensions are not exact, correct them evenly. Do not use the last panel as a wedge.

Start the wall paneling installing moldings in the corners. Cut the moldings to the length of the area to be paneled and attach them lightly to the nailing strips. Start the paneling at the top. Narrow down the first panel by cutting off at least the tongue. However, you should check the run of the entire wall and make the first panel even more narrow, if it looks like the width of the bottom panel might be less than 30 mm. It is difficult to attach such narrow strips, and this deviation may also be visible in the finished sauna.

Install the first panel on the wall with the groove facing down. Leave a gap of 3 to 5 mm between the ceiling panel and the wall panel to allow the passage of air. As the work progresses, it is good to keep checking the run and the straightness of the installed panels. If there are any deviations, correct them evenly. Panel all the walls at the same time by proceeding around the room. This way, you can avoid a situation where the surface patterns of the panels on adjacent walls do not match each other in the corners.



After the paneling is complete, the surfaces are finished by attaching the desired moldings from our comprehensive selection. The stove is installed according to the plan; either before or after the benches depending on the bench model.

When the sauna is finished and the final cleaning done, it’s time to heat up the stove!