Sauna benches

The benches make the sauna. The key is to find the solution that meets your personal needs. Our sauna benches are available for purchase by the meter, but they can also be manufactured in accordance with your specific dimensions. Furthermore, we are happy to work with you to produce special bench profiles according to your own designs. We can even help you with the design process.


Kovera bench

Thickness: 50mm
Width: 490mm/590mm

If you want something truly different that stands out from the rest, the Kovera bench is the right choice for you. It was named after the curved shape of the bench: ‘kovera’ means ‘concave’ in Finnish. In addition to the esthetic effect, the inward curve also serves some important functions: it makes the bench extremely pleasant to sit on and enables water to flow off from the mid joint. The front edge of the standard model is equipped with a groove for lighting. Kovera benches can also be installed in the shape of an L or in a 45-degree angle. Alternatively, Kovera can be installed as a standalone bench, for example in a parallel configuration where the benches face each other.

The bottom bench is typically manufactured as a shelf-type platform using wide bench boards. You can choose from the following types of wood: black alder, aspen, thermo aspen and hemlock. The surface of the benches can be treated with paraffin oil. If you choose aspen, the wood can be tinted in a different shade using Tikkurila Supi Sauna Wax.

You can tell us your wishes by requesting a quote. It is not even necessary to complete all the fields on the form: we will get back to you, and we can go over all the different aspects together.

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