Sauna panels

Use Karava sauna panels to create the desired style and atmosphere in your sauna. In addition to our standard range, we can also manufacture special profiles tailored to your wishes. We can even help you design the profile, if necessary. The sauna panels can also be colored to give them a more personalized look. Our panels are colored using Tikkurila Supi Sauna Wax.


Kallio Groove

Interior cladding panel with one or three grooves

Thickness: 15mm
Width: 90mm
Effective width: 77mm
Use per square meter: 13m
Package size: 6 pcs

Toned down and harmonic, warm and cozy—or maybe edgy and original? The choice is yours; we can cater to all your needs. Kallio 1-Groove is the newest panel profile developed by us. The panel is a great choice for creating visual effects in the sauna or another interior cladding site. Lighting can be used to make the effect even more impressive. The product has been met with enthusiasm and is growing more and more popular.

We produce Kallio Groove panels from the following types of wood: black alder, aspen and thermo aspen. The panels can also be tinted with Supi Sauna Wax in white, grey or black. The product is available with one or three grooves, and it can be either blind nailed or face nailed to the wall.

You can tell us your wishes by requesting a quote. It is not even necessary to complete all the fields on the form: we will get back to you, and we can go over all the different aspects together.

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