Services tailored to construction companies’ needs

Put the finishing touches on your project with high-quality Karava products: sauna panels and benches, interior cladding panels, moldings and terrace boards.

All Karava wood products are manufactured in our own workshop using our own first-class materials. This is our way of ensuring that the products we provide are not just superior quality, but they also have an individual touch. In addition to the alternatives already on offer, you can order products customized to your own wishes and dimensions. We are also happy to help you with the design process, if necessary.

Less waste, faster installation

Superior quality is seen and felt in the end result, but it can also help you achieve scheduling benefits and cost savings. By using high-quality Karava products, you can reduce the amount of waste from your projects. First-class wood can also speed up installation, as there are no delays caused by products being out of shape, for example.

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For first-class construction projects, using top-quality wood products is a must. That is exactly what we provide.

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All our wood products are manufactured by hand from our own first-class materials, in accordance with high quality standards and an individual approach.

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