Sauna benches

The benches make the sauna. The key is to find the solution that meets your personal needs. Our sauna benches are available for purchase by the meter, but they can also be manufactured in accordance with your specific dimensions. Furthermore, we are happy to work with you to produce special bench profiles according to your own designs. We can even help you with the design process.


Bench 40x200

Thickness: 40mm
Width: 200mm
Glue: Kiilto WR05

Not all sauna benches are the same. We can provide you with stylish, durable benches that meet all your specific requirements. You can select them directly from our broad range of products or have them designed exclusively for you. If you are looking for a bench that is even sturdier than usual, look no further. This bench has a glued laminated timber structure, so even very wide boards retain their form without bending or warping. We produce 40mm thick and 200mm wide benches from the following types of wood: black alder, aspen and thermo aspen. The edges of the bench boards are rounded by 2mm. Lengths range from 2,1m to 3m.

You can tell us your wishes by requesting a quote. It is not even necessary to complete all the fields on the form: we will get back to you, and we can go over all the different aspects together.

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